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Little Penguin Says Goodbye To Carring Human

A little penguin is left at the shore by a woman. The little guy is confused for a second about what he is to do.

He looks at the woman once and then looks at the vast sea. Then he rushes towards the sea with all his might.

The woman was probably taking care of the penguin for some time. This resulted in him getting attached to her.


But no matter how much someone loves another person, freedom is always more precious to us all. The same goes for the penguin too.

He probably had to stay in the woman’s care for some days due to some reason. But as soon as he sees his home, he gets very excited.

His family also might have been awaiting his return. They too will be equally happy on seeing this little fellow again.

He is not in the least afraid of the coming waves. The only thing on his mind is getting back to his home. No matter how dangerous it seems to us.


Aren’t we all like this? We love the feeling of being at home and being free. For them, we can face any danger whatsoever.

We wish this penguin found his home and family. After all, everyone deserves a happily-ever-after, right!

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