Peaceful Memories- Beauty In Serenity

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I remember being a tiny 7-year-old kid who had gone to visit the country on one of my vacations. Trust me, there aren’t many things that would interest a city-dweller like me, but what did enamor me was the peace the land effused. It was akin to being in a trance, with the trees waving as we went past them, simple beauty in serenity. We didn’t have to add anything to nature. The surrounding peace didn’t let us interfere or intervene with what was already a symbol of magnificence. All we could do was stand and breathe in the peace of the land.

I have peaceful memories such as these stored at the forefront of my mind. For you see, there is too much hatred and strife on this Earth. Every being needs to have a safe space in their minds they can relocate to when reality gets too thickening. And I don’t just mean a memory or a dream. What if you took a small recuse to a lonely field standing on the precipice of one’s consciousness? What if you simply stood there, roving your eyes at the serene beauty before you? Enough to calm you down, I believe; enough to give you the much-warranted peace that everyday life often lacks from.

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I once sat on a bench on a solitary road down by the village. The sun was about to nestle itself amidst the valleys, with the dying vestiges of amber light serenading everything that it fell on. It wasn’t something special, it wasn’t something extraordinarily meaningful. It was simply a vision, a sight, a mere glimpse of what peace felt like. As the sun sets, you could make out the long shadows turning smaller and smaller with the passing minute. And this was peaceful. Peace in simplicity, one that was symbolic of the true essence of beauty in serenity.


Life is never serene. Life is never inherently peaceful. We strive, we work, we struggle, we fail. We fall, and then we get up. Does it ever feel like peace to you? To me, it never did. Peace is when you realize that life will go on despite everything that you might think it to be. Peace is when you understand that life isn’t meant to be happy- it is meant to be satisfying. Peace is when you comprehend that the thing which gives us peace, is our own self.

I was surprised when I realized that it wasn’t the sun, or the shadows, or the light that gave me peace. It was me all along. I wanted to find this peace within myself, I wanted to experience the beauty in serenity, one that is so overwhelmingly calming that it hints at paradise. To you, peace could be a busy marketplace. To someone else, peace could be a music concert.

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Peace is anything that is beautiful to you. Peace is when you understand that your own feelings towards something are beautifully serene. For, there is a beauty in serenity that haunts. There is a beauty in serenity, in peace that we yearn for our entire lives.

Mayukh Saha

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