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Owl Fake Friends


Owls are a specialty item in many doll shops. People love this large-eyed nocturnal bird. They have both a menacing and cute that just bowls you over.

Which is why – we wonder what happens when you place fake owl dolls with a real owl? Will the real owl be friends with the fake owls? Or will the owl just knock them over?


This GIF will push your imagination and answer this strange question. But most of all, it will make you roll on the ground laughing as you see the texts of the real owl.

The owner has a pet owl but along with the pet owl, he seems to have loads of owl dolls. But the best part is – the owl dolls are stacked in such a way that the real owl is almost feeling out of place in the middle. Can you spot him?

The real owl is already pissed at all the fake owl friends that his owner has placed him with? But then the owner is bringing in another small fake owl.


The subtext becomes even funnier now when the real owl is shocked at how his owner is bringing in a new fake owl doll. He just makes his eyes go large and round as if trying to say – look at me, I’m the real one.

The owl must be saying ‘Am I a joke to you?’ After all, why would the owner always bring him fake dolls?

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