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Watch This Talented Duo Covering Word`s Greatest Songs In Their Own Style, OverStyle

Overdriver Duo is easily the most fun and interesting band you never heard of — until now. Made up of husband and wife Evandro Tiburski (Guitarist/vocalist) and Fabi Terada (bassist/vocalist), the duo have a unique and special manner in which they create and perform their music, which makes them stand out immediately. Originally from Brazil, Evandro and Fabi have, indeed, managed to develop a unique style of play, symbolically called OverStyle,

Overdriver Duo is known for their ability to skillfully play the guitar and bass on their lap in a sideways fashion. Both are skilled at playing the acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, piano, cello, beat box, ukulele, and many more instruments. The pair found each other when they were in music school over 8 years ago, it was a match made in heaven & they have been playing together ever since.

In a space of about three years, Overdriver Duo have become an international sensation, with all of their videos going viral in social media as they are watched & shared millions of times by their fans all over the world. Overdriver Duo is managed by Florida based Rob Russen and have signed a recording deal with hall of fame producer/songwriter Bobby Eli and his new label which is distributed by the Warner Music Group (WMG). Bobby has recorded for the likes of Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Red Hots, and others.


Overdriver Duo’s debut CD entitled “Under Cover” was released in 2015, and it features their cover versions of many of the greatest music hits of the past decade. The Duo literally makes each song their very own with their unique performance. In 2017, Overdriver Duo went on a massively successful tour that covered 7 countries in Europe. In May 2018, the duo released their single ‘Special’ which received great reviews and endeared them to a global audience.

In January 2018, Overdriver Duo won the YouTube International Award for surpassing one billion views on their YouTube channel. Evandro and Fabi say their main goal is not to make money with their act, but to make a difference and brighten the hearts of their fans through their music – The perfect mindset for success. The duo is consistently performing before sold out audiences in their homeland, and have shared the stage with great artistes like Jason Mraz. Many who have watched them perform believe the Overdriver Duo is the “next big thing” in rock and roll.


The duo is gearing up for another European tour, and you don’t want to miss it! Connect with them on Facebook to get the information on their tour dates and latest performances.

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