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Opal Ocean is acoustic guitar duo that shifts the paradigms of the acoustic guitar by fusing Rock and flamenco technique to create their own unique sounds. The duo came together in late 2013, when Alex Champ and Nadav Tabak met.

Before the two guitarists met, Alex was busking in Auckland New Zealand with Nadav doing the exact same thing. The two had been to the same concerts and busked in the same city without meeting each other. Nadav was busking one day at the Queen Victoria Market when Alex’s partner watched him perform and encouraged him to meet with Alex. The two met and hit it off, they began composing and creating music in a Melbourne basement – That was the birth of Opal Ocean.


Opal Ocean has since seen their work blossom, their “Terra EP” was a great success, selling over 7000 copies and their single “J.A.M” went viral with over 5 Million hits on social media. In late 2016 the duo released their debut album “Lost Fables” recorded with producer Dave Newington and awesome sound engineer Mark Lewis. It was their first time recording with a producer and the momentum from the album’s release brought great attention to Opal Ocean with countless shares across social media in early 2017.

Lost Fables, created a brilliant portrayal of the diverse music style and unique bond between Alex & Nadav. This opened up numerous opportunities for high profile performances in festivals such as the Melbourne Guitar Show 2017, TedX Melbourne, Guitar Gods and Masterpieces national TV show and many others across the globe.

In September 2017, Opal Ocean launched a successful Kickstarter project to raise funds for their new single “Mexicana”. The single was released by December 2017. Mexicana summarizes the duo’s energy, magic and the atmosphere you get when you watch their shows. The really cool thing about Mexicana is that it was never written down, it started off as a Jam while they were busking at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and it evolved into an amazing track that people loved every time they played it!

Opal Ocean are on tour to Europe and Australia from June 2018 to August. Be sure to check out their website for tour dates, they might be bringing their amazing sounds to a city near you.

Music available from the iTunes store, on Spotify or Physical CD from our Online Store.

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