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No Phones At The Table!

Imagine eating your favorite plate of noodles. The store is noisy. The noodles are spicy.

But without enjoying your food, you are browsing your phone. The only thing missing is something to drink because you just realized that your throat is getting dry and you are thirsty.

You comfortably stroll to the fridge. You are looking at your phone and even if you are so engrossed in the Instagram story it doesn’t affect you.

You think you are so familiar with the place that you know the layout.


You take out your drink without looking up once and sit down with it to enjoy the rest of your spicy noodles.

But wait what’s this? It tastes a bit odd. You finally look up and realize that… there is another face stuffing your noodles.

Wait a sec, sister. This was not the table where you were having your noodles at, is this?

Well, at least you are sassy enough to not linger with explanations and stretch that moment into something awkward.


But wouldn’t it have been nice to apologize? You ate his spicy noodles after all.

There is a good reason the elders advise not to bring your phones to the table. Who knows whose plate you might start eating from? Next time, look up once at least.

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