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Newborn Girl “Born A Ready Meme” As She Frowns Upon Her Doctors!

Life is not as easy as we are led to believe. Irrespective of our various privileges, we all face hardships from time to time. We all come to understand our harsh reality, but a few among us are rather quick to realize this. And this is one realization that does not make anyone happy. It took this newborn girl a few minutes to understand this and her expression says it all!

Born to Daiane de Jesus Barbosa and Renato Pereira da Rocha on the 13th of February, this newborn girl’s frown was captured by photographer Rodrigo Kunstmann. Named Isabela Pereira de Jesus, this child was unique. Most babies cry and wail as they enter the misery of the human world but her approach is quite unique and funny! The Brazilian photographer was able to capture this shot of dissatisfaction on the newborn girl’s face with the help of the doctors present. Kunstmann considers himself a “lottery winner” for being able to capture this shot. Mother Daiane admits that her little girl was “born a ready meme”!

newborn girl

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This image was viral in no time and netizens are loving the girl’s honest expressions! Babies are supposed to cry after their birth since it indicates healthy lungs. But our special Isabela was not interested in such trivial things! Why was her sleep disturbed? Who dared to drag her out of that warm and secure place? Why does she have to deal with this new world? She is clearly not happy about all the disturbances! Quite understandable, right?

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Her mother is of the opinion that the newborn girl is just practicing her expressions for the coming years. Whenever the girl is being nursed, she has wrinkles on her forehead and seems to “frown”. This baby has already made the world know of her displeasure. Imagine the horror of the parents when she goes through her teenage years? More meme material to come?


Images: Rodrigo Kunstmann Fotógrafo Profissional


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