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NASA Has Released Their Space Photographs Library To The Public And It’s Amazing

Space – the great unknown. You are probably in awe about space. Most humans are. Whenever we encounter this magnificence in the sky – we stand dumbstruck. We are just a speck of dust when we compare ourselves with the vast expanse. But even then – there is something so much more about space that can only be felt. The beauty, the utter loneliness – the feeling of being a part of this enormous system. It’s all an overwhelming experience.

The premier center which looks on to this magnificence is NASA. NASA is always looking for new opportunities to explore space and find out new truths about it. They have wonderful collections of videos, sounds, and images of some of the magnificent sights that human beings can witness. However, most of these images were kept under lock and key. They were required for research and analysis. It wasn’t that NASA was not aware of the impact that these photos will have on the normal populace. Space photographs have always created a stir in human beings. These space photographs will not be any different. The high-definition close-ups that these space photographs hold speak stories of centuries and millennia – of a time when neither humans nor dinosaurs existed. There were only a terrible silence and a terrible unwitnessed beauty.

NASA images


Understandably, NASA needed to store the photos in confidential places for research purposes. But the space organization has had a change of heart. NASA has decided to release the space photographs online for the public to witness. These are large collections of sounds, images, and videos, all available on the public forum.

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Yes, now, you have the ability to access over 140,000 photos and other images clicked by NASA and you can even use them however you want. Just type it in and you can find the magnificent images on their database.


You are not just limited to space photographs, however. You can even watch photographs of rocket launches, special NASA events, and astronaut photographs. Are you someone who is interested in space photographs? Then, this decision by NASA is going to make you ecstatic. If you are someone who is just a space enthusiast, then NASA has something for you too. They provide the EXIF data along with the photos so that you can get all the different details necessary to appease your space enthusiasm.

On top of all these, NASA has modified its search feature as well. You can narrow down your search results based on the year. So, you can even see the progression of certain stars or galaxies down the years.

NASA has done something which is just amazing. Now, you can become one with the great beyond and not feel alienated from it. NASA has also launched its GIPHY account which will have a lot of animated gifs of space. They are free of copyright. So, you can use them in your space articles too without worrying about getting sued.


So, enjoy space – because NASA is ready to make it worth it for you.

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