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Mystery Tree Grows Through A White Hatchback Overnight In France – Fiction Or Science?


Trees can sprout in any natural place, right? Of course, that’s such an obvious thing to happen. But have you ever heard of a tree sprouting through a car? Sounds unbelievable! Well, that’s what happened in France. A mystery tree suddenly grew up from the middle of a car in France! As usual, people were astounded by it. Many of us have seen cars crashing against a tree and thereafter, it almost getting itself wrapped around the tree. But no one can expect a tree growing straight from the bottom of the car and going through the roof!

Well, if you are a kid, you might think of it as a miracle. But as questioning adults, you probably know what has happened. Yep – it is nothing but ingenious street art. What seemed like a mystery tree that grew overnight is actually a strange street art put together by a local theatre company named The Royal De Luxe. The Royal De Luxe has earned quite a name with their unusual street art pieces, which, quite often, defy logic.


If you are a tourist in this place, then this kind of street art might seem shocking to you. But it’s not that shocking for the locals. Actually, the theatre group is brought in quite often by the locals themselves so as to enrich the streets and encourage the youth to imagine out of the box. They are brought in for urban transformation projects. And transform they do. Previously, the group has been seen to make some strange street art pieces like a twisted street lamp or a vertically wall-climbing red car. However, the white hatchback with a mystery tree growing through it definitely steals the cake. It is a highly imaginative piece, no doubt. And likewise, people are crowing around it and trying to understand and click selfies with this amazing street art.

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While some people are genuinely shocked by this and others are trying to decipher the art, many have just come out and asked who was the creator. Such a video has also been recorded when a confused old lady asked who was responsible for this kind of art. She also wondered if there was street performance or not.

We can try to explain the art but we may not be very successful at that. Maybe there were pre-piercings placed at the top and bottom of the car. Two cuts were made which had to be big enough to fit a tree and the wooden roof kept the cuts hidden. The driver seat may have gotten the same treatment.





Whatever be the case, it is clear that this street art of a mystery tree growing inside a car is going to make many heads turn

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