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My Goose Friend, The Beautiful Relationship Between A Guy And A Bird He Saved

Humans and birds have had a very distinct relationship since the dawn of time. At times, they were considered to be messengers, whereas in different scenarios, alternatively used as suicide bombers, or killing machines. Nevertheless, in recent times, with the reduction in poaching and other heinous activities undertaken by us humans, birds have attained quite a favourable position.

This video is based on the day to day activities of a particular goose named Kyle. This bird, flies right next to the boat of its master/friend who had apparently saved its life few years ago. Mike had found the gosling, struggling all alone in the water. Even though he and his friend found its family, the baby couldn’t stay with them because presumably, the family doesn’t keep birds that are physically hurt and might not be able to work properly.

The gosling was named Kyle who was then adopted by Mike. Initially, having no idea as to what exactly should be done with Kyle, he simply took care of the bird, providing her with the right food, a comfortable place to stay and took care of all the necessities. Kyle was also given freedom to do and go according to its wishes.

Mike did not prefer keeping it confined to a cage which would have otherwise meant domination and captivity. She was like a friend to him. Though she had the freedom to fly, Kyle chose to stay near the boat. Whenever Mike rowed his boat, Kyle made it point to fly beside the boat or simply walk on the water. However, there were times when Kyle wasn’t all good.


She could be rude at times and act naughty. Mike has now left Kyle to live on her own, though he keeps a regular check on it. She had laid two eggs out of which only Jack survived. Mike now took care of the new born gosling because Kyle seems to be an irresponsible mother.

Goslings want to live with their mothers. On being left alone, they feel scared and anxious. Mike had to face similar problems with Jack, but it gradually became accustomed to Mike.

Mike believes that taking care of a gosling is time consuming and requires a lot of patience. He now waits for Jack to gain feathers so that he could fly and live with freedom like all the other geese.

This story is nothing but a tear jerker that adds a bit of a laugh in the end. Interesting is the notion that the human treats the birds like family members, which is quite an anomaly in a world that treats humans like animals. With this familial relationship in mind, we must understand, that humanity shouldn’t be considered a substitute for rationality, or vice versa. What is needed, what these videos are all about, is the mere belief that one good deed begets a lot more.


Money doesn’t guarantee happiness. A good deed does.

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