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Mums always know best, don’t they? So when your mum tells you to ‘watch out for idiots’ while driving, you’d better make sure you watch out for idiots. Even if those ‘idiots’ turn out to be your mum.

Jake Schoeppach treated himself to a new Harley Davidson last year – naturally, his mum was a little bit twitchy about her beloved child nipping about the place on the back of a bike, so as she left the car park in Kent, Washington in the US, she told Jake: “Drive safe. Watch out for idiots.”

But just a couple of minutes later, as Jake prepared to take a right, he was rear-ended by a silver car – specifically, his mum’s car. Awkward.

The shunt sent poor Jake flying off his bike, but fortunately, he managed to land on his feet and wasn’t hurt. Just shocked by the sounds of the language coming from his mouth in the clip.

Credit: Viral Hog

As the video continues, his mum jumps out the car and begins to apologise, saying, ‘Oh my God’. Oh my God, indeed.

Meanwhile, a shocked Jake repeatedly asks: “What the fuck, mum?”

Thanks to Jake’s headcam footage, we can all enjoy the clip, which quickly went viral.

In an interview with My North West shortly after the incident, Jake said: “I’m getting blasted all over the place about how I talked to my mom, but have you ever been rear-ended by your mom? How would you react?

“I had so much adrenaline. I was going to lay into whoever it was and then I realised it was my mom so I just dropped a couple f-bombs.” More than a couple, Jake. Aimed at the woman who gave him life and brought him into the world, too. Tut tut.

Credit: Viral Hog

But then the interviewer pointed out that, in fact, his mum wasn’t shy about dropping the odd swear-word either, leading Jake to reply: “That’s who I learned it fromI love my mom, you know. Everything was fine. What you didn’t see was me calming her down and giving her a hug and telling her I love her.”

Ah well, that’s good then. All’s well that ends well, etc. Just remember guys, drive safe and watch out for idiots.

 Image Credit: Viral Hog



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