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Moto Children Presses the Wrong Padel


It’s ok to show off, but you should not show off before children. Who knows what they might do and then term it as an ‘accident’?

That’s what this adult person experienced. He looks like an uncle who has got a new bike. And like everyone else, he’s trying to show off a bit by revving it up.

That’s all right, but then, you never know when ‘pride comes before a fall’. A naughty child interfered with the revving. He just walked near the bike.


Maybe he’s trying to find an opening.

And guess what, he did. As the young child is revolving around the bike, he spotted an opening and he pressed the pedal. Well, a child and their mischiefs.

And what do you know – since, the bike was already revved up, it just vroomed out of control. The man found it difficult to keep himself on the seat.


You are going to laugh out loud at how the man toppled over.

Well, the man got up fast and started shouted at the kid. Well, what’s the use – he was just a bit curious.

And well, I guess, curiosity kills the cat. In this case, it toppled an adult man in the hands of a kid.

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