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Motivational Robert Downey Jr. – If You Fall, You Do Not Have To Stay On The Ground

All of us know Robert Downey Jr. as the dashing, insanely confident actor. But most of us do not know anything about his childhood, his life or his struggles. Robert Downey Jr. was born to a father who was a drug addict, and he thought that the only way he could build a relationship with his son was through drugs.

Hence, he had Robert addicted on drugs at the tender age of 6. Robert then moved in with his father after his parents’ divorce and did a lot of drugs. In this drug induced haze, Downey stopped going to school and decided he would be an actor. He started working hard to achieve this dream and did a lot of small roles here and there before finally landing a steady spot in Saturday Night Live.

Unfortunately SNL suffered a major fall in TRPs that particular year and that resulted in Robert being fired. Interestingly, after a short while, he appeared in the movie Lesser Than Zero and played a role that changed his life.

He played a drug addict who had his life spiralling into complete chaos when he realised that he had become this person in real life and took himself to rehab. After this, he worked his hardest and played Chaplin, for which he received an Oscar nomination.


His life was going well but his past caught on to him and he found himself doing drugs again, and this time, his life completely fell apart. His wife left him and he was left completely alone but he did not give up. He went back to rehab and made major lifestyle modifications. He came back and bagged the role of Iron Man and he has not looked back since. His second wife helped him keep himself off drugs and today, we know what a big star he is.

Robert Downey Jr. is living proof of the fact that once you put your heart and soul into something, nothing is impossible. Even when you feel like everything in your is over and done with, the solution is not to wallow in self pity- the solution is to get back up and do what you have to do until and unless you reach your goals.

He says that life is a onetime offer, so one has to make the best of it.


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