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Watch Miguel Montalban Playing The Best Cover Of Sultan Of Swing We Have Ever Seen

Miguel Montalban is guitarist and music composer born in Santiago de Chile. His journey to becoming a sensational guitarist started at a very young age when his grandfather gave him a piano as a Christmas present when he was just 7 years old.

By age 8, Miguel fell in love with the guitar and started playing the instrument, after being influenced by his oldest brother who played a guitar.  Miguel believed the guitar was the most versatile instrument, and it became his main musical instrument.

In 2013, Miguel started playing with an indie rock band called Andes Empire in Rome. They performed several shows around Italy, before recording their first album called “Reverse” with RBL Music.


The album was a success and the band emerged as The Most Important Emerging Band in Italy in the 2013 Red Bull Music contest. This achievement took the band to Milan and Sardinia to headline concerts for more than 15,000 people.

The following year in 2014, Miguel recorded a new single, “Girl” at the Red Bull Music Studios, London with producer and mastering expert Kevin Metcalfe. Following the release of his single, he began working on a solo instrumental rock album called “Inspirations,” which has two volumes (I & II). Inspirations was a huge success which appealed strongly to many fans and sold more than 20.000 copies all around the world.

Miguel later joined a Music Academy to study Jazz Guitar, and in February 2015 his band Andes Empire released a single called ‘Fearless’, after that Miguel left the Music academy to pursue a full time career as a guitarist in London. In 2016, he released an album with the psychedelic rock band “Pineapple Road Explosion” called “Guitar Juicebox.” In June 2018 Miguel released another solo album “Live And Loud Vienna” which has been well received by fans all over the world.   

Miguel Montalban has gone from pretending to be a rockstar playing a guitar at the age of 8, to being recognized all over the world as a master guitarist thanks to the success of his albums and especially because videos of his street performances at various European cities became viral hits on internet, racking up millions of views. Miguel is currently touring with his band “Miguel Montalban Band Experience” to promote his new album and by the end of the year we can expect their first video clip!


You only need to listen to him work his magic on the guitar once, before you fall in love with his performances. Check out some of his tracks on SoundCloud or connect with him on Facebook to watch his latest performances.


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