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Michael Jackson’s Dance With Punjabi Touch, Watch These Two Contestants Making A Show At BGT

If you want to have your daily dose of humor and entertainment, this video from Britain’s Got Talent might just be what you are looking for.

Not only is it a tribute to the late Michael Jackson, but it is also a depiction of humor and entertainment at its very best.

Britain’s Got Talent is a great show that often gets graced by some great acts and talent. Certain time ago on Britain’s Got Talent, two unorthodox men paired up under the name “Signature” and came on the show to give a bold, once in a lifetime performance.

Britain's Got Talent-Tribute To Michael Jackson
Credit : Britain’s Got Talent



The Performance

The performance was a tribute to the legendary Michael Jackson on his very own song “Billie Jean” by Suleman Mirza and Madhu Singh. Their version of the song was quite different to say the least and came with its very own Desi spin.

The act started with Suleman Mirza, a practicing lawyer, dressed up as Michael Jackson, performing the late singer’s signature dance moves. He gets the crowd roaring instantly. From the moonwalk to the crotch holding, the first part of the act is all about Michael Jackson. The minute the performance starts, you start reminiscing him as well.

As the performance goes on, in the second part of the act, Madhu Singh, a British Sikh, appears with a broom in a very mysterious setting. However, within seconds, as the music hits, the Sikh gets going too. This is when the whole crowd starts cheering them up, standing on their feet, clapping, chanting, laughing and hooting. In fact, the judges seem to be enjoying it as much too.


The performance at Britain’s Got Talent starts off on a lighter but passionate note but it is the Sikh who gets the crowd laughing like crazy.

As their act ends, they receive a standing ovation from the entire audience and even one of the judge’s.

Piers and Amanda thought the performance was brilliant and very surprising. They also loved the fact that the crowd was thoroughly thrilled. Simon continued to show appreciation by grinning with his miraculously white teeth.

Was It A Yes Or No?

All three judges at Britain’s Got Talent gave them “Yes” and they moved on to the next round.


Watch the crazy performance on “Billie Jean” here:

Watch Here The Performance From Final Round :


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