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Man believes he’s been turned invisible during social experiment where he is the unsuspecting subject.

Imagine believing something completely unbelievable – wouldn’t be the weirdest thing in the world considering we all thought the tooth fairy was real, and Sant… never mind.

Anyway, there’s this new show on Netflix, Magic for Humans, which sees magician Justin Willman leave people on the street baffled by his elaborate tricks.

Including conning one guy into thinking he’s actually invisible.

The social experiment started with a flash-mob being set up after an ad was put on Craigslist to recruit help in convincing someone that they’re invisible. Sounds bloody bonkers, doesn’t it?

The plan was that no matter what the person did, the audience would pretend they couldn’t see them at all. Easy.

And all they had to do was wait for an unsuspecting victim while Justin Willman put on a ‘magic show’.

It didn’t take long before good ol’ Jonathan came along, the poor bugger. He didn’t even know what was coming for him.

Credit: Netflix/Magic for Humans

Let the fun begin, and oh did it. But first Jonathan had to be convinced that he was going to be turned invisible. They had another ‘subject’ sit on a chair, get covered with a blanket and disappear. But he was in on the entire thing.

In that very moment Jonathan became ‘a believer’ – you only have to look at his face to know he’s absolutely shitting himself for what’s next.

Credit: Netflix/Magic for Humans

“You ready?” Willman asked him, his response: “No,” can’t fault his honesty.

When the blanket was pulled off him you could see he was panicked – where would he go? Would Willman be able to reverse this whole thing? Maybe that was something he should have checked first.

The audience went wild and it was believable – for Jonathan at least anyway. Then Justin Willman had both the guy who was in on the joke and Jonathan himself to grab hold of a can to prove they were ‘still there’.

Credit: Netflix/Magic for Humans

Justin then got a ‘phone call’ and walked away. That’s when a gullible Jonathan really started to ease into his role.

As a girl stood behind him posing, he himself made a hand gesture – believing that nobody else could see him. Which is hilarious in itself until the phone was turned around and a picture that was taken earlier showed a chair with no Jonathan…

Credit: Netflix/Magic for Humans

Credit: Netflix/Magic for Humans

And he nearly fell off his chair in sheer panic, my word he was freaked out beyond belief. But he managed to compose himself and go on a little wander, standing in front of people and waving himself around. We can all see you, mate.

So, what’s the moral of this story – never get sucked in to a social experiment in the middle of a park. And… don’t believe you can be turned invisible just like that.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix/Magic for Humans



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