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Make Art Out Of A Tragedy You Never Thought Could Happen To You


We are often afraid of sadness. It is how we have developed our minds. We don’t want to have any relationship with being sad. Our entire dreams and life are based on how we create a path toward eternal happiness. None of us want to be sad. None of us want to go through some romantic form of tragedy which will make us grow. Yes, while we do know that mistakes make us grow, in the end, we are always trying to keep our mistakes to a minimum. Because sadness is not really something we would like to deal with.

Tragedy Can Happen Unexpectedly

But however much we might try to prevent tragedy, there is always going to be sorrowful moments in life. It might be because we try to control our lives. We are so desperate to control everything around us, that we believe that we are invincible. And then, when tragedy really strikes, it does not always come because we have done something wrong. No – tragedy arrives from the outside. From places, we have never thought it could arrive from.

You may have loved someone immensely. The relationship had started with a few jerks but it is going strong for four years now. And suddenly, you find that your lover is cheating on you. It’s a tragedy that you never thought would have come to you.


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Your friend is there with you all the time. He promises to be a part of your journey. The two of you set-up an amazing business – a startup. It starts earning – thousands and millions. And then, your friend leaves you. It’s a tragedy you never thought can happen, not to you at least. Not from your best friend. But it did happen – it happened and you couldn’t really help it.

It Is Beyond Your Control


How could you have controlled it? It was out of your hands.

And then, there are many more accidental tragedies – a tragedy you never thought could happen but such tragedies have a way to surprise you. Maybe your lover dies in a car crash, or your friend runs away from his house and never calls. You are always blaming yourself – you want to somehow place yourself in the scene and make some sense of it. You want to blame yourself because you want to be in control of the situation. 

Because without it, you lose out on all your bearings. You have to accept that some things are outside your control.


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Don’t let tragedy drown you. Rather, make the tragedy into art. Most artists had a dark past behind them. They might even be going through a dark past right now. They just don’t show it. Not to the world.

Because they know that tragedies are not something to be afraid of. Tragedies help you grow. Tragedies help to form art – an art that cannot be imitated. Because every tragedy is way too personal. 


So, do not run away from tragedy. Face it – rise above it. Then look back at the tragedy and make an art out of it. Because when a tragedy you never thought of happens to you it happens for a reason. It happens to show you the other side of the world. Go to that other side, conquer it, come back and write about it. Make art – don’t drown in tragedies.

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