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MadTwinz Collaborate With Dharni For A Epic Beatbox Act

MadTwinz are popular in the music world, for they have brought forth some unique beatboxing acts in the past.

As the name of their group or act suggests, this group is of two twin brothers, who have received widespread acknowledgment for their beatboxing techniques.

In their recent video, MadTwinz pair up with Dharni, a beatbox act from Singapore, to put on a show that mixes vocals with beatboxing. If I were to classify their video under one name, I’d say “different”.

MadTwinz Pair With Dharni

As the video starts and then goes on, you realize the intensity and level of their beatboxing. These are no small acts but bigger ones who know exactly what they are doing.


Later on, the twins switch their roles, where the first twin starts to sing and the other starts beatboxing. The video, therefore, is a feature of beatboxing and vocals from the twins, with Dharni adding to the beatboxing part of the act. Together, they put up a great performance.

From slow beatboxing to fast, some insanely cool tricks and sounds, this video is a mix of unique sound and beatboxing. As you keep watching the video, you’d think there’s some kind of music playing in the background but there isn’t. It’s all vocals and sounds.

About MadTwinz

Hailing from Russia, MadTwinz have managed to get a lot of attention over the years. Their videos are mostly featured on YouTube and almost all of them have a lot of views.


While a lot of people might not get the gist and concept of this video, beatboxing lovers would appreciate the talent they are bringing to the table.

This 2 and a half minute long video captures the essence of the twins in their beatboxing escapades along with Dharni and some vocals to go along with it.

Even if some people think that this video is creating more disturbance than music or sound, it goes without saying that what they put up in this act is something to remember for it is DIFFERENT.

Watch the full video here:


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