Kinetic Sculptures Made By These Sculptors Are Taking The World To A Different Realm

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You may have heard about Michelangelo and his famous sculptures. You may have also gone around the Classical Greek spaces and looked at amazing stone figurines. But have you ever wondered what it would like if these structures were kinetic and would have twisted and turned with the winds?

Yes, what we are talking here is about is kinetic sculptures or rather wind sculptures. These are strange-looking sculptures made out of a light metal that can rotate and revolve. Their movements create magnificent patterns according to the way they interact with the wind. Anthony Howe is a kinetic wind sculptor who has made a variety of different wind sculptures. He lives in Orcas Island in Washington. To him, the explosion of the sun, the supernova or even a jellyfish do not make a difference.

All the different substances that he creates require a lot of effort, precision, science, and a lot of innovation. They require special materials which can move with the wind. Anthony did not have a gallery for over 30 years. He still doesn’t have one. He and his wife run the entire business of making wind sculptures. They have no agents, no galleries, ono consultants. The only marketing that he goes for is on YouTube. And well, he has been successful in capturing the awe of the people.

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Wind sculptures, as you can see from the video, is not easy to make. But there is only one thing that drives Anthony to develop such things – the drive to awe people. He wanted to develop something that will shock people and he succeeded in it. He has put a price tag of $45,000- $50,000 to most of his kinetic sculptures, but there are larger ones too which can go up to $150,000. The larger pieces are the ones that take a lot of physical effort from Anthony. The cost is justified considering the amount of work that goes into making such sculptures.

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If you even look at a little bit of the work process of Anthony, you can feel the constant pressure that this man is going through as he works his way through the models. The kinetic sculptures look brilliant but they also have the power to do one thing – stop you from thinking about anything else. And that’s where Anthony was planning to take his journey. He wanted to produce something which takes out the thoughts, worries, and other nonsense from the minds of the people and set them in a meditative state- grounded, relaxed, calm. And the kinetic sculptures have been successful in making it happen.


Anthony is not the only one making kinetic sculptures. Lyman Whitaker is also someone who develops amazing wind sculptures.

You can even put yourself in a meditative mood with a piece of soothing music playing along with the wind sculptures and their hypnotic motions.


Kinetic sculptures are all set to make you feel in a different reality – an ethereal realm.

Credit: Anthony Howe and Lyman Whitaker

Featured Image: Lyman Whitaker

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