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Keeping Relationships Alive With Humor

Humor keeps relationships alive and these people have taken it a step higher. Read to find creative ways to sustain the relationship one prank at a time.

One husband, from Indiana, came up with his own brand of sexy selfie by taking this series for his wife of him doing the housework

A husband in Wisconsin showed off his creative flair when it comes to Christmas decorations – coming up with this rather rude creation


One girlfriend, from the US, admitted to feeling very much like the third wheel in her partner and cat’s relationship – like two peas in a pod


One woman from an unknown location let her partner loose with the herbs – and he’s clearly a fan of puns if these creative labels are anything to go by.


A girlfriend, from Scotland, shared what happened when her caring boyfriend took her request for ‘plain toast’ a little too literally

One partner left home alone in the US with the dog for the weekend came up with an ingenious way to prank his other half, staging this snap making it look as though the pooch had been up to no good


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When asked to take care of the children alone for the first time, one father, from the US, decided to send a picture to his wife of their day – and may have relied on Photoshop to create this amusing snap


One boyfriend had great fun at a theme park in Texas on the log flume alongside his girlfriend who appeared to not be having the best time

One woman’s husband, in an unknown location, played a very mean prank on her involving an ‘aggressive’ spider, making it look as though it had broken out of its trap

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One husband, believed to be in the US, decided to create some drama with his wife as he snapped this controversial photo with a message from a fortune cookie


A dad, believed to be from the US, discovered a very creative way to have some fun while his baby lay sleeping by turning him into their very own cartoon character


You can also share the funny moments in your relationship in the comments!


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