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It’s Not Your Looks But What You Are That Makes You Beautiful


Have you ever met someone and thought ‘God, they are beautiful!’? Not because they had tons of makeup on or because they wore expensive clothes. Not even because of the way they spoke to you. You found them beautiful just because you saw their real self in a tiny little moment. Looks are only a part of you but looks don’t define you. What you are inside is what makes you beautiful.

Beauty is all-encompassing and it is present in every single one of us. The little things you ignore about yourself are what make you beautiful. Your silky hair, doe eyes, and pearly teeth only enhance that beauty! Your inner personality and the way you think are way more important than your outer looks.

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Let Your Inner Light Shine

Don’t get too focused on the clothes you wear or the makeup you put on. They are meant to complement your inner beauty and not to supplement it. Being too fixated on outer personality may drive your attention from your real self. Remember, you are a beautiful soul and that is what makes you unique.

Your loving heart and caring nature make your inner light shine brightly. Never for one moment think that people are attracted solely by your outer appearance. No, they can feel the positive and cozy vibes you give out. Those vibes are what attracts them toward you.


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Being physically beautiful is a thing partly beyond our control. But becoming more kind, more loving and caring will make us beautiful inside out. When you know what makes you beautiful is your nature, you won’t pay unnecessary attention to outer details.

When you work on your inner beauty, your personality will show it. Your kind nature will come out through your words and acts. If you’re a caring person naturally, you will care for others. You won’t have to put an effort to show to others what you are. People will automatically see you for what you are. And people are always in search of such people who are just beautiful, inherently beautiful.


So, don’t limit yourself by the conventional beauty standards. Those standards are set by others; you need to set your own! Your talents, skills, kind heart, and gratefulness are your true adornments. Your inner beauty makes you beautiful and the world needs more of such pure inner light of goodness. So just be you!

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