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The Most Inspirational Story You Will Read Today – Michael Crossland

We come across a lot of people as we live daily. While everyone is special in their own way, there are not a lot of people with stories that can make us want to change our lives.

Michael Crossland, a 33 year old banker from Australia, can blow your mind and make you want to completely change your life with his story. Michael had been diagnosed with Neuroblastoma Stage 4, at just one and half years old and the doctors had informed his parents that he would not live very long.

His mother, however, did not give up and took a huge risk; she put him in a drug trial where he was the only survivor out of 25 other children. Even after that, the doctors had told him and his parents that he would not have a normal childhood, he would not be able to go to school, engage in any physical activity or anything else, but Michael was never one to give up.

He not only went to school and got an education, he became a baseball player in America but after he suffered an injury that ended his career, dejected and depressed, he came back to Australia and took up a job in the banking sector. Despite being unhappy, he remembered what his mother would say to him- that one should always aim as high as they possibly can and so he did.


In about five years time, Michael had become immensely successful, from the youngest manager to the youngest national sales development manager, there was no looking back for him.

What he counts as true success, however, was when he bought his mother a house and that was when he felt like he had served his purpose. He had given back to the person who kept him together all these years and made him what he is today.

Michael’s story is not ordinary; it is what legends are made of.  Michael has been diagnosed with four tumours in his throat but he still is not ready to give up. He still intends to live his life to the fullest and do the best he can, giving back to the world and to his mother, who he owes everything to.

If you are reading this story today, consider this a sign- you can do whatever you want to. Do not give up.


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