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In Today’s World, Fake Is The New Real

In the era of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, most of the things are fake. From fake vacation pictures to pretentious lifestyle to a masked face! Ask yourself, ‘when was the last time I was really happy?’ By happy, I do not mean the flickering joy of spotting a beautiful butterfly. Nor the happiness of indulging in a yummy chocolate cake. I mean long-lasting happiness. Most probably, you can’t remember a recent incident that made you genuinely happy. Have you ever wondered why it is so? It’s because the world is becoming faker!

We see people on social media and think their lives are perfect. It’s only us who are suffering. It’s only us who are not getting enough. We chase those fake goals with such vigor that disillusionment follows. The gap between appearance and reality widens with every fake thing you come across. Whether it is people, food, the environment, or the daily news, every fake element adds to our sadness.

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Fake Food

Most of us have a never-ending to-do list, a sink full of dishes, and a forever ringing phone. Add to that the anxiety due to work, and how the only way to fill our tummies is junk food. The comfort of the mayo dripping burger or the creamy cold coffee is hard to resist. Even the vegetables we (hardly) eat are full of chemicals. You’d have heard of fake rice and a bunch of other such food. Not eating good food will obviously keep us sad.


fake faces

Madness Of The Media

In the age of fake WhatsApp forwards and edited news clippings, we do not know what to believe anymore! Gone are the days of flipping through the newspaper with a cup of coffee in the morning. Scrolling through fake Insta stories every morning is the new trend. It is frustrating and sad. Media promotes paid news and tampers with the numbers to please the ones in power. The line between wrong and right is blurry in today’s world.

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To Trust Or Not To Trust?

The general atmosphere of doubt has penetrated our personal lives. We are a generation of depressed and anxious souls. Feeling sad is nothing unusual; in fact, it is very common. We have a lot of trust issues because we’ve been backstabbed by our closest ones. We think twice before befriending someone. Why is it so? Due to the fake friends, who came into our lives and destroyed us.


It is indeed very sad that our lives have been poisoned by the fakeness wrapping us like a blanket. We strive to not feel anything. However, one must always remember that feeling is a superpower. It is easy to lose hope, but it is difficult to keep hoping.

Let’s abandon the fake and embrace the real!

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