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No that’s not a clickbait! It’s true! Australia is known for some of the wackiest stuff on earth. Be it giant tarantulas or crocodiles roaming in streets, the land down under is truly weird. But this news from central West Australia probably takes the cake. A group of robbers tried to siphon fuel from a bus in the middle of the night.

Well, yeah, it’s common in many other countries too. But what could happen next, even the robbers had not thought about.

siphon fuel

So this group of thieves chose to utilize the cover of the night sky to steal away some fuel from a tour bus. The bus was stationed at Laverton and the group found 2 holding tanks when they were looking for the fuel tank. Idiots that they were, they did not realize one of those could be the sewage tank!

So the robbers tried to siphon fuel by inserting their hose in the sewage tank. What to do next? Someone has to suck on it to get the fuel right? So one lucky person got an excellent surprise when they proceeded. A mouthful of sh*t! Karma, b*tch!

Fact is truly stranger than fiction it seems.

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But if all this happened at midnight, how did we know about it? Well, the next day, police found the cap of the sewage tank lying on the ground and understood what must have gone down.

Sen. Sergeant Heath Soutar from Laverton Police was not too keen on chasing the thieves. Surely, they have got their share of the punishment!

What do you think of this story? Do you know any such ‘sh*tty’ stories? Let us know in the comments below!

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