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If You Want To Show Someone That They Matter, Hug Them


You are a male and you want to tell your (male) best friend that you love them? Hug them! No sense of toxic masculinity wherein a hug is considered to be beneath the level of what’s ‘cool’! Hugging feels amazing; it makes one feel at home, and in love with everything around them. If you want to show someone that they matter, all you have to do is hug them. Not only does a hug have scientific reasoning behind it, but it also has a very deep-rooted emotional connection.

Benefits Of Hugging

When you hug someone, your heart rate decreases and comes to normal. And in this stressed environment where everyone is anxious, a normal heart rate is a rare thing. If you see someone fretting, hug them. If you see someone running to and fro and sweating profusely, hug them. All you have to do is embrace someone and they will instantly feel better. Not just that, a hug also increases the level of serotonin in the brain. And since serotonin is the happy hormone, an excess of it will help uplift your mood. It has also been reported that people who receive daily hugs are happier than people without them.

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Hugging feels relaxing, all the tension melts away. As you wrap your arms around a person, all your muscles simply rest. If you see someone who looks and feels very tensed, hug them. A hug is going to make them calm and composed-enough for making better decisions. It is all about the mind and the brain. A hug makes the brain feel protected, shielded from any harm.

Hug Is Like A Shield

And isn’t that what the hug is supposed to be all about? A shield for any harm? When you are hugging someone, you are effectively telling them that you won’t let anyone harm them. They are invulnerable because you are there to protect them. And if someone matters to you, this feeling gets increased manifold. So, if you love them, hug them. It is as simple as that. Instead of making grand gestures, simply give them a tight, warm hug. It will erase all their worries and make them feel alright again.


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But the simplest explanation behind a hug is the emotional touch to it. When you hug someone, you are effectively permitting them to come into your personal space. You trust them, and you have no problems if they come inside your walls and stay for a while. If you think someone matters to you, then there is no other way you can show them this, other than hugging them.

So whenever someone is anxious, hug them. But, don’t forget. Even a hug requires consent, even when it’s your best buddy!

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