I Am Living In My Fantasies

By 3 months ago

Sometimes I am the person who is considered so wise that people want me to be the President. At other times, I am the spy who rides the night on the thin line of dubious morals. And still, there are times when I am fighting with magical wands on fire-breathing dragons.

Yeah! You guessed it. I am kind of doing it all in my fantasies. But it is so rewarding. A trip down the fantasy lane would pull me out of my worst moods. So fellow travelers (and wannabe travelers), here are some things to look out for while you take this trip.

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You Can Confront Your Fears And Grow Over Them

It is a common method therapists use to tackle a person’s phobia. You are asked to fantasize about what scares you and confront it. It has worked well for many people. This need not only be used for phobias though. We can work any situation in our fantasies first so that when we face it, we are more confident than before.


You May Not Want To Return

It is okay to have a happy place however you must also be aware that you cannot stay there forever. Your happy place serves as a shelter when you need it. It could be your reserve of ideas. But it cannot be where you live and implement those ideas. No matter how beautiful it is there. Where you live and where people love you is here. You exist here.

You Can Live Many Lives In Your Fantasies

Would it not be great if we could actually see the end of a road in the woods? But since we can’t, we can imagine where it would lead and how it would bend. Our fantasies fill in the places where the world gives a blank response. Life may not always give second chances but our fantasies do.

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Reality Always Dwarfs Our Fantasies

Think about living your dream life. Does such a life not sound better than your dreams? It takes hard work to build the things in reality that are so easy to obtain in our fantasies. And yet, things obtained in reality are much more rewarding as well. So take a step forward and work to make your dreams a reality. They last much longer.

Bonus: You Get Better At Waiting

I remember standing in an endless queue once. I naturally delved into my fantasies as soon as I realized how long the wait is going to be. So when my turn came, it was like a blink of an eye. Granted, I got some strange looks from strangers over my goofy smile. But hey, I was the least cranky person there.

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