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Human Please Help !


Our pets love to take a bite from our food, don’t they? But we never ask for a share of their food. They get to enjoy all of it!

Here is one gif where this cute little puppy is desperately asking the human for help! But why? What does he want?

It seems someone else is having a sumptuous piece of meat. And the puppy really wants to have some too! The person with the meat has probably denied the dog already so what does he do next? He goes to someone he hopes will help him out.


The cute little pet fervently uses his paws to draw the attention of the human beside him. “Hey, can you help me out bro?”, he seems to be saying.

Obviously, who would refuse such a delicious bit of food! Naturally, the dog too wants some. With what appears to be a family dinner, the dog too joins the table. While our moms chase our pup away, this family seems rather happy to share their table.

While most of us try to sneak some food off to our pets while at the table, this is surely not encouraged. And this gif, the man with the meat surely seems to be tempting the dog.


What’s his fault if someone purposely tempts him? Not really fair for the pup! 

We really wish the humans around this little pup finally did give in to his request. He seems quite genuine in his expressions. Maybe a bit of meat would really make his day!





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