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Hood Mode On – Bad Liberty

What do you do when the Statue of Liberty goes gangsta-mode? It’s quite something to imagine, right?

This masterful gif does exactly that – it does the unthinkable. It not only animates the Statue of Liberty but it also makes her go completely into a strong woman protecting herself. Now that’s something.

Well, as people, we may have always looked at the Statue of Liberty as a figure worth respecting. She looks over us and ensures that we have our rights in the land of the free!

But then, are all people really that free? Let’s talk about women in general. They are going out on the streets at night – are they free to be their own selves?


Not quite – they know that there are eyes that keep watching over them. There are voices that are judging them from the dark. Yes – that’s the scary part- the dark. The dark harbors harassers.

Well, not anymore. This Statue of Liberty is not going to sit there and watch as the ‘freedom’ of women is at stake. She is going to fight and she is going to fight for good.

As the harassers make way to the Statue of Liberty, she stands strong. She isn’t going to take any slack from them. With her torch, she just pounds the two harassers back to where they came from.

Yep, this is the new Statue of Liberty and this Statue of Liberty lights the torch for women who are looking out for it at night.


This Statue of Liberty empowers everyone!

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