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The dairy industry has been mechanized for quite some time now, just like all other industries. But what if we tell you, that this particular industry will take the direct aid of a technology coveted by gamers to not only reduce a cow’s stress but also to increase their productivity!

The cows in the RusMoloko dairy farm in Russia have now been fitted with VR headsets to help them deliver higher quantities of milk. While the scene may look like one out of a sci-fi film, the reality is these VR headsets are tailor-made for the cows to help them relax and produce more milk.

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After years of research and experience, scientists have designed these VR headsets for the Russian cows so that the dairy farming industry can take the help of these gadgets to yield better production.

Russia was facing a shortage of milk so it experts collaborated with industry leaders from the dairy farming industry to work on this unique solution of VR goggles.

Russian cow with VR headset

While milk production is usually associated with the cause of physical needs, researchers this time also probed into their emotional state. They took information from dairy farms throughout the globe and found that better and higher quality of milk was produced by the cows who led their lives in a calm and relaxing atmosphere. One example would be certain dairy farms in America where farmers have installed rotating brushes to massage the cows. European farmers are using robotic systems to help the cows roam freely on the farms. Russia has also tried to yield better production by playing classical music throughout their farms on loudspeakers so that the cows can always remain calm. And every one of these methods has actually shown results where the cows were more relaxed and hence produced more milk.

Along with scientists and IT technicians, veterinarians also worked on this project to create these VR headsets for the Russian cows. Among other factors, the structural features of a cow’s head were also taken into account to make these goggles a snug fit. The VR headsets were also made to suit the cow’s vision since they have a higher perception of red. The scientists especially worked to create a distinctive program where the cows can experience the simulation of green pastures and hopefully will be relaxed enough to produce greater quantities of milk.

When the VR headsets were tested on the Russian cows, it was recorded that there was a decrease in the anxiety levels while the general mood of the cows was on the rise. Before drawing the final conclusions a few more studies are needed to be conducted. The researchers need to know if the milk production is directly related to the Russian cows wearing those VR headsets.

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Hopefully, such studies will conclusively prove that these VR headsets and other technology actually help the cows to produce better milk while also keeping them calm and relaxed. And what would such a future look like?

Maybe herds of cows and flocks of sheep running around the fields with VR headsets on their heads?

All Images: Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Moscow Region

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