Have You Seen This Jolly Derpy Puppy Who Seems To Be More Of A Cat-Dog Hybrid From Vietnam?

By 3 months ago

We all have our preferences and one can say the world is divided between those who love cats and the ones who love dogs. But it’s quite difficult to find a balance between the two species. But the internet is going gaga over this special derpy puppy from Vietnam because he appears to be a cat-dog hybrid! Best of both worlds?


This puppy has caught netizens’ attention for his unique and cute looks. While some said that he looked as if he came out of a cartoon show but others said that this cuddly boy is indeed a H’mong dog breed. But neither can deny how jolly yet derpy he looks!

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The humans of this derpy puppy in Vietnam as Han Anh and Tuan. Most people believe this puppy got his unique looks because he is a cross between the local breed of H’mong and a corgi. H’mongs are an ancient breed belonging to Vietnam and were used by the locals for hunting and guarding in the northern parts of the country. They’re known for their intelligence and strength.



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The puppy being a H’mong was a speculation netizens brewed but the pup’s parents have explained that the derpy puppy is actually a crossbreed of a Dingo and a native breed. Still, his features are rather the result of some gene mutation. Since they got him from a mountainous province in the country, they did not have much knowledge about him.

This half-dingo is everyone’s favorite now and rightly so! We can’t get over how cute and adorable he looks! He is surely the best boi in Vietnam! What do you think of this derpy puppy?


Credits: Gấu Mèo Bắc Mỹ

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