Have You Seen This Blind Elephant And Her Friends Dancing To The Tunes Of A Piano?

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We often come across animals exhibiting such eerily humane characteristics that leave us in awe of Nature. Not only have animals been observed expressing emotions, empathy, creativity but now they also seem to understand and even be a part of art!

When British musician Paul Barton decided to entertain a blind elephant in a sanctuary with his skills on the piano, something unexpected happened. Lam Duan, the blind elephant started dancing to the tunes of the classicals being played by Barton!

The video shows the female elephant swaying and moving her trunk. She also seems to step around, as if she was moving with the rhythm of the piano.


Lam Duan is a 62 years old female blind elephant. She has been without vision for most of her years and is now spending her days in Wang Dog, Thailand. ElephantsWorld is her home for now.

Barton had dragged his grand instrument in the midst of this animal protection organization to entertain old retired elephants. For Duan, Barton played the tunes of Chopin, Bach, Satie, and Schubert.


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While shooting a video near the River Kwai Bridge, Barton had come to know about this sanctuary that cares for handicapped, old, and injured elephants. He had always been an admirer of these gentle beasts and wanted to do his bit to make them happy. He approached the authorities to allow him to entertain the elephants and was promptly granted permission.


Not only the blind elephant, but many other elephants joined Barton. And they were no silent spectators! Some tried to chime in as well!

Enjoy Barton’s tunes and the elephants swaying to it!

Credits: Paul Barton

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