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Have You Seen These Dogs Sleeping In Hilarious Poses?

Haven’t you had those days when you fall asleep before you hit the pillow? Imagine seeing your pets doing that? We have collected some pictures of dogs falling asleep in the funniest poses. Watching dogs sleeping had never been better.

You will have all kinds here. Awkward? Comfortable? Picture ready? You name it. So let’s have a reel down folks.

#1 My Dog Can’t Get Gravity Right

dogs sleeping

It’s alright folks. Everything is under control. It is sometimes the sleeping habits of dogs that can tell us a lot about them like shy dogs would tend to sleep in the fetal position and the open dogs would like to sleep with their paws outstretched. Dogs sleeping can communicate a lot to you like that. You could learn more here.


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#2 Puppy Warming Its Paws

#3 This Dog Is Sleeping Happily

Your dogs might sleep in the free-falling position with it’s front paws stretched out to the front and its back paws stretched back. And it is likely that your dog waits till the last minute to fall asleep so it sleeps as if it were still playing. Or your dog could be a cuddler who is always needy for your affection. Even the dogs sleeping seek attention.

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#4 I’m Done Trying To Figure This Dog Out

dogs sleeping

#5  We Told Our Dog She Couldn’t Sleep Up On The Couch

If you have more than one dog and you find them spooning then rest assured that the kids get along really well. And if your pawed baby likes to hog your stuff before sleeping then it is just a residual habit from its wild days. It simply likes to be comfy. Dogs sleeping could be a way for you to learn about your dog.

#6  This Guy Chilling With His Dog In London

#7 Dog Park Experience Exceeds Expectations

#8 Long

dogs sleeping

#9 In Case You Need Something To Brighten Your Day, Here’s A Picture Of My Dog Sleeping

#10 My Buddy’s Dog Sleeping On The Mule Steering Wheel

dogs sleeping

#11 Neighbor’s Dogs Having A Nap In My Garage

#12 Hyperlaxity Power Enabled


#13 “Please Read Instructions Carefully When Assembling Your New Dog From IKEA”

#14 Nap Time

#15 Weird Sleeping Position

#16 This Is What Nap Time Looks Like In Our House

#17 His Reflection Is The Greatest

#18 This Is How She Sleeps

#19 He Was Snoring Too

dogs sleeping


#20 My Aunt’s Wiener Dog Fell Asleep While Begging

#21 This Frenchie Puppy Sleeps Anywhere

#22 Ollie Only Sleeps Under Chairs

#23 I Think My Dog Is Broken


#24 I Call This Tetris Murph

#25 Does Anybody Else’s Dog Sleep Like This?

#26 Bae Caught Me Sleeping

#27 This Is Leela. She Sleeps Like This. It Just Ain’t Right

dogs sleeping

#28 My Cousin Sent Me A Picture Of Her Dog Sleeping

#29 This Is How My Dog Is Sleeping Right Now

#30 I’m So Tired

#31 She Likes To Hold Her Feet When She Sleeps

#32 My Dog Will Sleep In Any Position. Apparently This Is Comfortable


#33 This Is Ralph. Ralph Likes To Nap

dogs sleeping

#34 It Was Slightly Unsettling To Look Back And Find My Dog Sleeping Like This

#35 The Most Chill Pup Ever

#36 So My Friend’s Dog Fell Asleep With Her Face In Her Bowl

#37 My GF’s Dog Likes To Sleep On My Lap And Constantly Fart In My Face…


#38 She Decided To Sleep Like This

dogs sleeping

#39 Weird. My Rescued Spanish Greyhound Sleeps Like This

#40 My Golden Retriever Likes To Sleep Under The Toilet

#41 My Brother’s Dog Is Pregnant, And This Is How She Sleeps


#42 She Sleeps In Very Odd Positions

dogs sleeping

#43 The Most Comfortable Way To Take A Nap

#44 Any Idea What’s Wrong With My Dog?

#45 We Were Playing And He Just Fell Asleep Chewing On His Own Leg


#46 My Dog Dreams Of Becoming An Olympic Diver

#47 Let Sleeping Dogs Lie…

#48 Actually This Sleeping Position Looks Quite Comfortable

#49 She Sleeps Like A Princess


#50 My Dog Doesn’t Know How To Sleep Properly, Help

dogs sleeping

So which dogs sleeping are your favorite? So what insane tricks are up your dog’s paw?

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