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Have You Heard Of The Illusionists? They Are Here To Blow Your Mind!

Magic has been around for hundreds of years now and it has been doing what it does best- confuse and amaze people at the same time.

Chances are, when we were kids, a lot of us wanted to be magicians but probably did not go into that world because we thought it was not as lucrative or that ‘magic is not real.’ Let us talk about this- is magic real? Maybe it is, maybe it is not. What is real, however, is the art of illusion. Do not believe me? You have to see The Illusionists!

The Illusionists is a touring magic production, comprising of a number of different type of magicians who practice different branches of magic. The group comprises of The Trickster- Jeff Hobson, The Anti-Conjuror- Dan Sperry, The Manipulator- Yu Ho Jin, The Futurist- Adam Trent, The Unusualist- Raymond Crowe, The Deceptionist- James More and the last but not the least, The Daredevil- Jonathan Goodwin. These people make up the Illusionists, a group that performed for the first time in 2012, at the Opera House in Sydney and since then has not stopped amazing people all over the world.

Dont Miss The Amazing Collaboration with Light Balance on AGT :


They have had a number of shows like Live from Broadway, Direct from Broadway and Now You See Me and all of these shows have been immensely successful. Critics everywhere have been raving about them, saying how jaw dropping their whole production is. Some people have also pointed out that their shows are full of humour and they have something for all kinds of people. The members believe that their strength lies in the fact that all the members practice different kinds of magic so there is no way for anyone to be bored in any of the shows.

This video shows one of their performances on the stage of America’s Got Talent, one of the biggest stages in the world and they astound the audience as usual. The smooth transitions and the beautiful choreography is a visual treat but also make one think about how they manage to do the things that they do on stage! The Illusionists take pride in the fact that they direct all their shows without any external help and have never had a show that was not a roaring success.


All their shows have elements of insane grandeur in them and that is what this videos showcases, it is over the top but it is the best kind of entertainment there is. If one manages to secure a ticket for one of their shows, they are bound to have the best time. Their USP lies in the fact that what they do is entertaining to people of all age groups- there need not be any limitations when it comes to that. The Illusionists are definitely one of the absolute best at what they do so log on to their websites to know where they are performing next and treat yourself!


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