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Have You Heard of Michael Dameski? He Has Shook ‘World Of Dance’!

World of Dance first came around in the year 2017 with stalwarts like Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough and Ne-Yo as the judges. Since then, it has seen many talented dancers set the stage on fire. One of them was Michael Dameski, who has made a name for himself thanks to his amazing performances on the show.

Michael participated in his first dance competition at the tender age of six and despite being completely untrained, had very smoothly secured a place in the top ten. Following his glorious victory, he gained training at Glenda Yee School of Dance, situated in New South Wales.

When he completed his training, Michael started honing his skills at the Brent Street Studios, where he was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to represent his nation, Australia in the World Championships of Performing Arts where he washed away the competition.


At 22, Michael Dameski is ruling World of Dance with his mind blowing performances; the judges have always had very good things to say about him as he got on stage and amazed them as well as the audience.

Michael also appeared in a musical called Billy Elliot: The Musical, after which he shot to fame and has appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres show as well.

He also won the Australian reboot of So You Think You Can Dance and has been hailed as the best dancer of Australia since 2014. He is also a part of the Dream Dance Company which was founded by Marko Panzic.

His growing popularity has also made him shift base to Los Angeles, California.


Michael Dameski is living proof of the fact that if you are born with something, you have to work hard and keep at it to improve and make a name for yourself in the world. Dameski himself says that he has no one but his own perseverance to thank for his success. Ever since he started dancing, he has not stopped, nor does he intend to. Nothing gives him more joy than being on stage and dancing like a dream.

Jennifer Lopez has gone on record and said that she has never seen anyone with skill quite like Michael.

Michael sees that his success or his popularity does not get to his head and he keeps his humility intact for as long as he lives. He has said that all he wants to do in his life is to keep dancing and entertaining people. Michael also believes everyone is born with a purpose and his purpose is to keep honing his art and trying to get better at it. You can check out his videos online if you have missed his performances on television.

Watch his best performances compiled.


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