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Handpan Its A Relatively New Instrument But Sounds Amazing, Watch Hang Playing Hedge Monkeys Doing Their Best At It

The Hang Playing Hedge Monkeys are Daniel Waples and Danny Cudd. The duo met in 2006 at a music festival in England and became friends, during conversation they both realized that they had already been invited to Switzerland to collect their Hangs from PanArt.

At this time the hang was very unknown – The hang is a new handmade steel instrument that was manufactured from the year 2000 until the year 2013 in Berne, Switzerland by Felix Rohner and Sabina Scharer. The sound of this magical instrument became a central piece of their music. That winter Daniel and Danny arrived India with their new hangs, and began to perform under the name ‘Hang Playing Hedge Monkeys.’

The Hang Playing Hedge Monkeys busking in city streets playing their Hang. In 2010, they released their first and only album – Vesica Piscis. This was one of the first hang albums ever recorded and released and it featured compositions from both Daniel and Danny. That same year, mainly due to geographical location they stopped playing together so much and split.


Daniel Waples started performing and recording under the name ‘Hang in Balance’ while Danny Cudd got Markus Offbeat as a partner and started a new joint act called Hang Massive. Danny & Markus had met in India and from there they journeyed back to the UK where they began living and playing music together in the historic town of Bath Spa. Their first online video and music release ‘Once Again’ went viral and since then has been seen more than 60 million times online and viewed in countries all around the world.

Watch/follow Danny Or Hang Massive Here :

Both Danny & Daniel have enjoyed great success as separate entities, Hang Massive has produced and released over 7 albums and have performed for thousands of people around the world. Daniel Waples (Hang In Balance) has recorded 9 albums, performed for thousands of people, and has been a speaker at 6 TEDx events.


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Hang music has been described as love made by soothing acoustic frequencies and earthly instruments. In their own ways, the original founders of the Hang Playing Hedge Monkeys are still spreading the sound of the Hang – a new age acoustic musical instrument made from hammered steel.



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