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Golden Retriever Brings Up Abandoned Lion, Tiger And Hyena Cubs

Let’s all enjoy a short break from the horrendous realities of life and watch this adorable clip of some animals making friends.

Beijing Wildlife Park introduced tiger cubs, baby hyenas, puppies and a tiny lion to an adult golden retriever after their mums abandoned them.

Now the baby animals are being nursed by the dog and have a formed an odd-sort of multi-species family. Wang Shuo, who works at the zoo, said it was the young white tiger who first started drinking the dog’s milk before the others joined in.


Adding: “Soon after, we had a Siberian tiger, an African lion and spotted hyenas come one after another and formed this strange combination.”

By ‘strange’, he obviously means bloody adorable.

Credit: Reuters

Visitors to the zoo can’t believe what they’re seeing, with one saying: “I think it’s incredible. I thought if these animals lived together there would be bloody scenes but as we can see, they’re playing and growing together in harmony.”

According to KSTP the adorable little gang are around two months’ old and there are plans to separate once they hit three months, however, if they carry on playing together and interacting as well as they are now there’s a chance that could be extended.


The zoo says it has successfully raised abandoned animals in the past, including monkeys and bears.

Credit: Reuters

This isn’t the first time we’ve all gone ‘ahhh‘ over unlikely animal friendships – just last week a two-year-old hit headlines after photographs of him alongside a group of monkeys emerged online.

The adorable little boy, who was compared to a real like Mowgli, has a ‘special bond’ with the animals according to his family, who say they play and share food together.

His mother, Nanda Bangari, said: “He plays with them, feeds them home cooked food. The monkeys love him and even when he pulls their tails, the animals do not harm him.”

A Golden Retriever puppy walks with a two-month-old African lion abandoned by its mother at Beijing Wildlife Park on the outskirts of Beijing, China, August 30, 2018. REUTERS/Jason Lee

Credit: Reuters

His uncle, Barama Reddy added: “Everyone thinks that he is special and they are communicating with each other, and can understand what is being said.”

How cute is that? Am I the only one who really wants a monkey best mate now?

Featured Image Credit: Reuters


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