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Go To These Doctors So That You Won’t Have To Visit Your Doctor

Let’s talk about Van Gogh. Much like his paintings, Gogh held onto any kind of warmth he received. Nature has always been his great solace, art in any form added beauty to his life. We are living in tumultuous times. There is a rise in the crime rate and a drop in the economy. On top of that is the impending doom of climate change. During such times, it is most important to take care of your mental and physical well being. What can you do to lead a healthy life? No, I will not ask you to order a salad, though that can be a good start! I will name a few doctors who, unlike your doctor, don’t charge any money.

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Sunshine is not just the best source of vitamin D, it is also an instant mood lifter! Scientifically speaking, exposure to vitamin D helps strengthen muscles and bones. Now you know why your mom kept yelling at you to go play outside. But you were stuck with your video games all the time! Doctor sunshine can actually make you feel a lot lighter and positive about life. It also regulates your blood pressure. Bathe in the sun and brighten your life.


Remember when you thought alcohol is the most adult drink? Na-da. It is water. Period. This ‘doctor’ lubricates your joints, gives you clear skin and flushes out body waste. It also regulates body temperature- the list goes on and on. Your body is sixty percent water! The earth is seventy percent water! You get the drill? Stay hydrated.


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We’ve all heard the saying “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. What they do not teach us as kids is that rest is equally important! All the naps you didn’t take as a child, don’t you yearn to get them back? The sleep deprivation culture is a real thing nowadays. We are either overworking or binge-watching shows, hampering our productivity. Enough rest is the best medicine any doctor can prescribe.



I get it, this doctor isn’t that friendly, but you need to dedicate some time and figure out how it works. Do not rush to get a gym membership that will never be used. Don’t buy a yoga mat that will become the symbol of your stress- take baby steps. Walk a bit, run a little, and do some basic stretching exercises. When you feel ready, take up intense workout routines. Balance it with a healthy diet and you’ll see the magic for yourself!


You breathe it all the time. But well – it’s no longer as healthy as it used to be. Pollution has made this doctor weak. However, it is still an important component utilized by our body. So, go  to a place where you can get fresh air – a place not polluted with cars and factories. Breathe in the fine air. It will help you a lot.


These doctors will help you stay away from your doctor. They’ll keep you fit and fine without burning a hole in your pocket. What are you waiting for? Visit them right away!

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