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Gimme Gimme!

Who wouldn’t like to have dinner, especially when it is so delicious? If you think that the food is not suitable for your pet, then you should not have eaten before them. Now, you can’t blame him, can you?

This red trash panda is clearly hungry for some delicious food. He’s had enough of his own food and now needs a little bit of taste change.

His palate has almost become numb with the same food. As he sees his owner sitting with a delicious feast piled beautifully on the plate, he couldn’t resist.

He just had to get a piece of it. And so, he jumped into the scene and attached his palm to the plate. Well, the owner is stubborn.


She doesn’t want to give anything to the pet. So she gets up and lifts the plate. Well, the raccoon is as stubborn as his master.

He clings on to the dish, hanging in the air. No, he’s not going to let go. For once, he needs the food of the hoomans.

It looks delicious. Something different to say the least.

And like every other person, this red raccoon wants to try out something different. One day won’t hurt much now, would it?


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