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Full Power Brass Band Lucky Chops Live in Mexico

The brass band Lucky Chops was started by some kids at LaGuardia High (the “Fame” school) who cut their teeth playing in the subway. When a South American tourist shot a video of them that went viral, they started getting real gigs.

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Latest Album, Pledge Campaign :

“We are super pumped to announce that at long last we will be headed into the studio to record our first full production studio album!!! We’ve waited soo long for this moment and we invite you all to join us on this journey. By joining our PledgeMusic campaign you will automatically receive a FREE COPY of our BRAND NEW unreleased EP, made available to our Pledge supporters all over the world! Please click below and spread the word as we embark on our most ambitious project yet!”


Watch Full Performance Here :

Street music comes in all shapes and forms, it can be played, danced, acted, or sung. These performances can be fixed to a particular location within a street or have an unanchored location and can either be improvised or rehearsed ahead of time. It is beneficial to the society as Buskers normally attract the public to an area, which encourages people to visit and patronize stores, restaurants and businesses in the vicinity – creating a mutually beneficial commercial environment for everyone.

The public equally benefits from street music as they are exposed to quality entertainment for a minimum expense and a lot times people meet and connect with each other while watching buskers do their thing. Street musicians are giving something to the world. It takes a great deal of talent to be able to alter someone’s mood and attitude just by playing a few riffs or singing a few verses. They do nothing more than try to bring something beautiful into our everyday world.


So next time you pass a saxophone player playing a jazz classic, or a guitarist playing a country song, Stop – Take a small break – and just listen to the music.
Sometimes simply acknowledging the presence of these performers makes all the difference.

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