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Free Healthcare Service For Mexican Stray Dogs

Healthcare is a basic necessity but unfortunately, many countries do not have advanced services. Mexico has provided healthcare services to all its residents for the past ten years. The city of Soledad de Graciano Sanchez, located at the heart of the nation, has decided to go beyond human beings when it comes to primary healthcare. The city has a thriving population of over 300,000 stray dogs and small steps are being taken for their well being. 

One of the biggest problems for stray dogs is that they often do not find enough food. The city’s government plans on providing for the stray dogs until they find loving homes. The first step in that direction is the service named “ComeDog”. What is it? It is the combined effort of the government and the various resident groups to make sure the stray dogs are taken care of. Fifteen food dispensers have been installed in Soledad de Graciano Sanchez. The location is chosen based on the number of dogs in an area and the lack of regular food. The great news is that the dogs will now get free meals and water whenever they want through PVC tubing.

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What’s more, the second step provides for free healthcare service! The initiative includes an ambulance dedicated to stray dogs who may need treatment. The name of the ambulance is the Ambudog and it looks for dogs who require professional help. Some of the city’s top-notch veterinarians have offered their services like vaccination, neutering, and other emergency needs. If you are wondering why are dogs being preferred over cats in Mexico, don’t worry. The Ambudog will not only help the stray dogs in need but also provide similar facilities for the street cats. 

The Mexican government is pretty hopeful about the scheme. The funding comes from the tax money paid by the residents and whether or not it should be spent on stray animals is debatable. The implementation of the plan, however, was relatively smooth and proved to be beneficial for the entire population. The stray dogs are no longer infected in any way and do not infect other humans and animals with diseases. After the Ambudog and Comedog, the government wants to ensure that all stray animals find homes in the near future.

This successful healthcare service for the stray dogs and cats have inspired municipalities of the neighboring cities. These cities too wish to implement the scheme and change the outlook of other countries.


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“Today I realize how many people appreciate this program, we have been congratulated by different means and, well, I am going to ask you to participate and help us to have a very successful refuge,” said Gilberto Hernandez Villafuerte, Mayor of Soledad de Graciano Sanchez.


Some countries do not provide basic healthcare facilities for human beings, let alone stray dogs! This story should be an eye-opener for the government officials simply because of the innovation involved and efficient execution. Hopefully, we’ll be able to heal the world before it is destroyed! Do your bit and the rest will follow.


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