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Former Dentist And Club Owner Rescues Over 500 Endangered Dogs

One fine day, Takis Proestakis, now founder of Takis Shelter, discovered dogs lying in slumps (rubbish) as he went to dump his garbage. He was shocked to see that people had disowned these animals and had thrown them in rubbish. As he saw one, he soon saw many others there too. It was a shock of a lifetime for him.

However, while Takis was on a mission to save dogs that had been thrown in the slumps by people, he had to deal with some criticism as well. People started threatening him to take care of the dogs, remove them from their space or suffer consequences. They didn’t like having them around.

Takis then requested for 30 days from the locals and decided to help these poor animals find a shelter. He didn’t want them to stay in rubbish and die.

The dogs, once moved in a shelter, were ecstatic. He discovered that there were more of them and cats too.

Takis-Shelter For Dogs
Takis-Shelter For Dogs

His Story

Takis Proestakis owned a nightclub and is a former dentist. He sold his club and left his job too. He had significant money but he lost the money because he fed and took care of the dogs. His bills piled up and he thought he could not continue.

Things, however, took a U-turn when Takis took the matter to Facebook. What happened next is history.

Soon after, an article was also posted in a leading paper and that’s what got him further attention. A lot of people showed interest in donating to the cause. Even in the comments section of the article, people just showed their interest in donating to the cause.

Thanks to all your donations, Takis Shelter got enough to keep feeding the dogs and keep them alive, happy and healthy.


An Innate Passion

Takis benefited because he could continue to pursue his passion for feeding and taking care of these animals. As a rescuer, he saved many of them. He also revealed that some of them were kept in such horrible conditions that they had to be treated as well. In fact, he lives in a small container and that’s where he keeps the most sensitive dogs in too.

Takis is currently working 20 hours a day. He wakes up early, takes a nap and then is up again. According to Takis, “The dogs sleep all day and party all night”.

As a responsible humanitarian, Takis has helped many dogs that others gave up on. Takis is leading with a beautiful cause and thinks every dog needs a home.

If you are interested in donating to Takis’s cause, click here:


Watch the inspiring video here:

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