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Ford And Tesla Are Locking Horns Over Their Trucks: The Electric F-150 Vs. The Cybertruck

cybertruck vs f-150

Recently Elon Musk unveiled Tesla’s Cybertruck which was welcomed by an army of trolls and their memes. During the revealing presentation, they attempted to show the sturdiness of the windows of the truck but to Musk’s much embarrassment, the windows shattered when a metal ball was thrown at it! What followed was a round of laughs and memes but some are saying this was Musk’s plan to promote the truck!

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Soon after a video came to surface where the Cybertruck is seen taking on Ford’s F-150 and beating it.

Now one of Ford’s top executives has come forward and said how the video and the test was not very fair for the F-150. The leader of Ford X, Sunny Madra, made this claim on Twitter and welcomed Musk to go for another test of the trucks.

During the reveal of the Cybertruck, Musk had taken potshots at rival companies by saying that the rest of the companies produce “fake tough” trucks! Ford is not one to let such things by. They retorted by saying how they are rather focused on their own customers than focusing on what others may say.

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Tesla is making waves in the electric vehicles department but Ford has big plans too. In the early months of the year, Ford revealed an electric F-150 truck which could tow a million pounds for 1,000 feet! In comparison, the normal F-150 pickup can tow around 13,200 pounds.

Tesla is yet to reply to Ford’s offer. If he accepts, this would be the first such test in the EV industry. Fans are eagerly waiting to see a real showdown of the Cybertruck vs the electric F-150.

Electric vehicles seem to be the future of on-road transport and such trucks could pave the way for other types of cars to take the market by storm!


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