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Follow the Instructions, Will Ya?

There is always a thrill in not following the rules and instructions. Isn’t it right? Well, the thing we are asked to NOT do is the one we get the most pleasure in doing!

This man reads the instruction written on the board that he should not touch the area because a bird sits there. Obviously, now he HAS to touch it.

As a child, we used to eat the things our parents asked us not to eat. As teenagers, we did everything that our parents restricted us to do. Like, smoking a cigarette or having a beer.

But even as we grow up, this tendency of doing forbidden things doesn’t leave us. In fact, it becomes even stronger!


When was the last time someone advised you to not do a certain thing? Didn’t this make the thing even more fascinating to you?

Well, as humans we tend to do things that have been denied to us. Because we get an adventurous thrill out of it. So, it’s better to not restrict people.

It’s not dangerous in many situations to do a restricted thing. But sometimes it might cause some trouble. So, be careful while you have fun breaking rules!


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