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When the Cybertruck was announced by Elon Musk, the minds of the entire internet audience blew up. This car does not look like a modern car – or rather, it looks like a futuristic car which you would find in video games of the 90s. Yep, the internet remembers the 90s and the Nintendos back in those days. And this car, or Cybertruck, represented just that.

As usual, the internet has its own way of mocking or praising a product. There were thousands of memes getting generated all around different forums like Reddit and 9Gag. People were all raving about this new product – Cybertruck – the futuristic car of the 90s. However, a YouTuber wasn’t just pleased with memes. The YouTuber took up this idea and actually started to work with it. And the product was brilliant.

Tesla Cybertruck

YouTuber Graslu00 decided to actually mod this brand new design into the N64 – into a special game where it would fit just perfectly, that is, a James Bond game. And as the plan goes, it was modded into the famous game: Goldeneye 007. The 90s kids would remember this wonderful game, but if they saw this development, they would, of course, ROFL. The Cybertruck looks perfect with the game texture, though Elon Musk looks like someone who could give you nightmares. Well, the facial structure of all characters back then were, to say the least, nightmare-inducing. The car, however, looks perfect in that low-poly graphics.

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In the game, Elon Musk approaches Bond and mentions how the antagonist rides in a polluting car and hence, he needs to be stopped for the mission’s sake and for all of us too. And so, the Cybertruck was the perfect vehicle for Bond to drive. Plus, when Bond asks why Elon was trying to help him, he gives a funny little wink. Musk is actually trying to save his business by getting rid of any kind of fossil fuel use.

Well, that’s a monopoly we can all back.

Elon even mentions SpaceEx.

Well, once 007 actually drives the Cybertruck, the game quickly turns a bit gruesome (if your imagination can turn the pixellated graphics into HD). Bond drives the car down the Streets, running over all the villains trying to kill him.

It’s not a scene many people would enjoy but then, it does its job of getting a bit of laughter out of you. And if you are a 90s kid, a few drops of nostalgic tears as well.

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