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EDM Lover ? Watch These Youngsters Showing Their Sensational Dance Moves

Electronic dance music or better known as EDM is a part of electronic music which has been widely used in parties, festivals and nightclubs. It is generally created by a disk jockey who mixes certain selected tracks and use them in a sequence, one after the other. EDMs are a popular genre of music which is also performed at live concerts. Also regarded as the dance music, it is actively used for dance purposes.

It owes its origin to the emergence of nightclub culture. Though it gained popularity in England, it is now used worldwide. Initially, several music houses remained exclusively hostile to this form of music.

The spread of this rave culture was also banned at some places. However, this did not deter the growth of EDM, making it one of the most popular genres of music in the west. The growth and increasing popularity of electronic dance music was a large step in popularizing the rave culture of the west.

Currently, EDM has a large global value. This doesn’t just include the value of the music’s popularity, but also the equipment used by the DJ to create the music mix. A music that originated and remained in the west, is no more restricted to UK, US and has spread gradually to India, South Africa etc.


The video is about people dancing to the electronic music, while enjoying thoroughly. It begins with a girl grooving to music using the shuffling dance form which is comparatively newer than the age old locking and popping style.

Some consider it to be more of aerobics, rather than true dance. The initial videos show how necessary physical fitness is in order to maintain accuracy in the dance. Old school music lovers do not favor EDM or the kind of dance associated with it on grounds that it lacks proper rhythmic structure. They fail to realize that the whole music is based on the quick variation of beats.

There is also a bit of condescension that appears from the other guy as he sees the girl trying to dance. But he us flabbergasted seeing her move so gracefully, while also being swift at the same time. It wouldn’t be, therefore, wrong to admit that this dance form, can actually promote equality.

Futher, the youth totally support this dance form, considering the amount of precision and practice one needs to maintain a proper sync (if dancing with a partner). This dance, as one can see, is largely a matter of the steps you take. It is quite different than the conventional dance forms and looks rather simple.


However, it actually isn’t so. The steps which include a casual flipping of the feet and legs, can also be a great way of maintaining toned legs. People who consider it to be a musical representation of aerobics because of the inclusion of vigorous leg movements and lack of generic dance steps. However, this growing dance form which is associated exclusively with EDM can emerge as a popular dance form if people all around the globe support it. This indeed can be a break from the conventional dance forms while also remaining allotted to a particular genre of music.

Nevertheless, it should occasionally be used by other forms of music as well just to bring in a breath of fresh air to the conventions all around. Needless to say, this dance form is surely going to be a new sensational piece for the youth for quite a long time.


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