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Dont Stop Scraching !

Who doesn’t like a good back massage and scratching! This raccoon does too. Two kids can be seen scratching the back of a raccoon. The animal seems to be enjoying the scratch. But then the kids suddenly stop and the raccoon is upset! He looks at the two kids with authority and points at his back. He is telling the kids to scratch his back, he is not done yet!

What a bossy raccoon! You may have seen dogs do this and cats too. But a raccoon doing it looks totally different. The kids are just enjoying the act. They take the cue and start scratching his back again. Seems like now the raccoon king is satisfied.

It’s amazing how animals don’t speak and yet make us understand their needs! This raccoon is hilarious but also smart, the guy knows how to ask for what he wants.

Everyone deserves love, not only our pets but wild animals too. Sharing little love with them makes them feel good too. They may not be living with us like our pet dogs and cats but they too have hearts. They also need some care from us humans, to feel loved. Nature is beautiful and all animals are a part of this nature. Living with them harmoniously is possible, if only we start caring about them a little more.


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