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Dog Fitness Instructor

Moral of the story, don’t do abs when you have a dog in the gym. They don’t like that you will get a six-pack while they look their usual chubby self. Unless it’s a Rottweiler. They are ripped!

Anyway, this video simply shows the perils of working out when you have a dog that wants attention.

The woman was doing her sets when her pug waddled in and slipped in through her shirt, trying to lick her face.

But the pug didn’t know that any wrong move would have resulted in the pug choking to death.


The owner was careful as most owners are (not really). She knew that abs could wait. A six-pack wouldn’t console you after a bad date, your dog would.

She carefully extricated herself while her dog, in this case, the dawg, was trying to kiss her all over. Seriously dude, wait!

All’s well that ends well, so it wasn’t a huge problem in the end. And if one were to observe, she did a couple of walking planks that ought to tighten up that core a lot more. So good job, pug!

But sincerely, I have no idea why the pug decided it would be good to slip inside someone’s tee-shirt. Weird.


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