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The Bond Between A Man and His Dog, Touching Life Story, Never Give Up!

No one can ever deny the saying, a dog is man’s best friend. Known for their exclusive sense of loyalty and friendship with their masters, they are fond of the company of human beings irrespective of whether they are tamed or not. However, a domestic dog is the best companion a man could ever have. It stays with you 24×7 as your constant partner.

They have the ability to understand your emotions and reciprocate to it. They are not only sensitive but also sensible and can truly understand the people around them, especially their masters. It hardly takes anything more than your body language for your dog to understand your state of mind.

The video is an exact depiction of the close bond that a man shared with his dog, Booter. It was his constant counterpart. Andrew was extremely fond of undertaking new adventures and so was Booter. The duo would go out on adventurous trips often. Rather, they made the road trip a part of their life. Both Booter along with its master had turned their van into a house and would travel every day. They tried to capture every important moment of their trips by filming it.

In this particular instance, after having driven for almost 9-10 hours, Andrew had probably fallen asleep, only to wake up to a horrific truth. The van had met with an accident against an 18-wheeler vehicle which was almost inside the van. The only thing he could think of was Booter being by his side. All that he wanted then was to save the life of his dog. Having ripped the center console, Andrew got the unconscious dog out and lay it on his lap. Despite the ambulance aid, he couldn’t save Booter. He seemed to have lost the most precious thing of his life and was utterly helpless. A firefighter, named Paul was empathetic towards him and tried to console him. Paul owned dogs himself and knew the pain of losing them.


After several months had passed by, Paul had visited Andrew because a puppy needed a home and there was none better than him. As soon as Andrew got him, he put him on the snow. This was one moment when Andrew realized that he wanted to keep this dog forever. He named the dog Kicker for he reminded Andrew of Booter. He was quite similar to Booter in terms of attitude, bravery and companionship.

Andrew felt blessed to have Kicker in his life and wanted to share his life experiences with it forever. When Andrew felt that Kicker was ready to take up Booter’s responsibility, they went on a 6- month road trip to Alaska, starting from Utah.They rode all the way through mountains of Alaska, went for swimming and boated down the glacial river. Kicker has now become a fully grown up dog and who consistently takes up the adventures along with Andrew. Despite the great loss faced by Andrew, he was able to get out of the depression because of Kicker who, like a true friend, remained beside him through thick and thin.


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