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Do You Want To Be A Superhero? Make Calm Your Superpower

No matter if we’re a child or an adult, we all love superhero movies! Their superpowers attract us; they make us feel empowered. Have you ever tried flying like the Superman with a red robe on? Or maybe you tried to be like the Spiderman and throw spider web from your wrist. Well, you can be a superhero too if you make calm your superpower!

How Is Calm A Superpower?

Have you ever regretted your decisions or regretted saying something impulsively? We all have now, haven’t we? It is a common problem with us humans to react without thinking and often over-reacting on little things. But as soon as we react in that way, we realize how wrong we have been in doing so. We regret such moments, but by then the harm is already done.

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Being calm in such situations could save you regrets. When you find yourself in testing situations, maintaining your composure will help you. Realizing that not every situation requires a reaction from you is vital. Once you realize this, you’ll no longer be triggered by little things. Your selective reaction to every person/ situation will bring you much-needed peace of mind.


The things or actions that annoyed you earlier will become more of a joke to you. Make calm your superpower and see how easy-going life seems to you!

Meditation can help you keep calm

How To Be Calm?

Keeping your cool is not as difficult as you think. Even a glass of water can help you retain your composure. But like any other skill or power, being calm also needs practice. Controlling your emotions and checking yourself from over-reacting will be a step-by-step process.

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You can practice meditation for calming your mind. A calm mind will ensure that your reactions are also calm. Music is another thing that helps soothe your mind. You can try journaling as well; writing proves to be a good way to vent off our feelings.

Do whatever makes you feel at peace, whether it’s drawing or playing a sport or reading a book. Keeping calm is crucial for your mental health which in turn is important to lead a good life. So take control of how you react, don’t let impulsiveness make you regret later. Make calm your superpower and win the fight against negativity!

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