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Divers Helped This Octopus Find A New Home And Escape The Plastic Disposable Cup

Coconut octopuses are known for using various items as their home. This tiny one had made a disposable cup as his home. Pall Sigurdsson and other divers helped the octopus find a new home. The tiny creature had to be convinced to leave the plastic cup and pick up a more organic home.

Octupus with a plastic cup

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Octopuses are interesting animals. They use things like shells, including coconut shells to save themselves. But seeing an octopus using a plastic cup as his shelter made Pall concerned. Any predator may swallow the octopus along with the cup. It would be horrible as the predator may die because of it. Also, if any bigger predator eats the animal who consumed the octopus. It would prove fatal to them as well. How terrible!


divers helped the octopus

So Pall decided to not leave until he had found the little guy a new home. The divers helped the octopus in searching for a better home. After some trials and errors, the octopus found a new shell. Pall’s sensitive nature saved the octopus’ life. The plastic cups are very dangerous as they don’t degrade. We, humans, have endangered the lives of innocent animals who know nothing.

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divers trading shell


But there are few among us who still care for these creatures. Pall and his friends are few such benevolent and kind people. They found this octopus around 20 meters deep under the water.

The divers helped the octopus find a new home by searching for a perfect seashell for him. Octopuses are very picky when it comes to their homes! So the divers had a tough time negotiating with this tiny guy.

But finally, he did get one shell which pleased him. And the octopus traded it for the plastic cup. These divers helped the octopus and the little guy is now safe and happy. This shows how a little help from us humans can save animals.


Images: YouTube/Pall Sigurdsson

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